Here is a list of ideas Ive noted over the last few weeks as suitors wooing the hand of my blog’s official title. In other words, the name Academy of Awesome is placeholder and hopefully soon to be dumped for an upgrade. Here are the potentials:

  1. Torque of the Imagination
  2. Inspiration Corporation
  3. Revolution Corporation
  4. The Right Wall
  5. Burn With the Fire of the Extraordinary
  6. Exhilaration Corporation
  7. Creation Corporation
  8. Impossible, Inc.
  9. Everyday Impossible
  10. The Impossible Is Nothing
  11. The Extraordinary Switch
  12. We The Phenomenons
  13. How Much Success Can You Withstand
  14. Opportune Moment: The Black Book of Extraordinary Enjoyment
  15. The Momentum of Extraordinary Existence
  16. Opportune Moment(um)
  17. The Art of Extraordinary Momentum
  18. Exposure to the Extraordinary
  19. Torque of your Fire
  20. Accelerants & Extinguishers
  21. The Adademy of Awesome + Army of Awesome
  22. The 1 Year Conservatory of Certain Awesome: Your Extraordinary Education in your Accelerants
  23. The Best Guarantee of Your Life?
  24. Read Between the Lines
  25. What If Why Not
  26. The Art of Unforgettable Moments
  27. The Art of Freedom
  28. Art of Remarkable
  29. The Art of Exhilaration
  30. Creation Coalition
  31. and any combination of the above & the following: genius engines, laugh forges, inspiration factories, Electric. Effervescent. Exceptional. Extraordinary. Excellent. Euphoria. Expanding. Education. Existing. Exploring. Effortless. Experience. Exposure. Energy. Enthusiasm. Elevated. Enjoyment. Ecstatic. Excitement.